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Legal Services

  • Criminal/Cannabis

  • Expungement/Sealing

  • Employment Issues

  • Wage Theft

  • Family

  • Tenant's Rights

  • Public Benefits

  • Crime Victims Services

  • Human Trafficking Immigration

  • Elder Law

  • Domestic Violence

On-Site Services

  • CPS-Safe Passage

  • RJ Hud/Peace Circles

  • Bus Cards for Job Seekers

  • Client Support Services

  • Case Management

  • Conflict Mediation Training

  • Victim Services

  • Mentoring (Out Reach Staff)

Behavioral Health Services


  • Anger Management

  • Crisis debriefing for families following shooting incident

  • Debriefing for community following incident

  • Staff debriefing/support following shooting incident

  • Psychological clinical emergencies

  • Homicidal Ideation​ Suicidal Ideation

  •  Justice Corps


External Resources


Vital Records

Food Assistance

Clothing Assistance

Healthcare Insurance

Criminal Legal Services

Job Training/Placement


Housing Assistance


Hygiene Kits

Substance Abuse Treatment


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